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Top 5 Stocks Picked by AI - December Edition

Discover the stocks with the highest probability of beating the market in the medium term, as of December 1, 2020.

Danel Capital AI Scores Allow You to Easily Select the Best Stocks.


Advanced quantitative investing intelligence for all investors, without requiring any coding or data science background.


Thousands of events and data are impacting stock prices every day. Only the proper technology allows to analyze all this information.


+ 600 fundamental, 150 technical and 150 sentiment daily data points per stock, more than 10,000 processed daily indicators.

Stock Scores Rating the Probability of Outperforming the Market.
Available for Top 1,000 USA and Top 600 Europe Stocks.

Danel Capital Machine Learning algorithms produce the Smart Score, a global score taking into account all types of information available for each stock, rating the probability of outperforming the market, very useful for stock picking. Separate Fundamentals, Technical and Sentiment scores are available, to adapt to different investment styles.

Data Analyzed to Calculate the Smart Score.


Daily data points
per stock.


Daily indicators
per stock.

+5 Billion

Indicators used
to learn.

Danel Smart Score Performance

For the above performance comparison, we built two different equally-weighted portfolios picking stocks from the Top 1,000 USA universe. One portfolio only includes the stocks that received a Smart Score 10 (maximum score) and the other only includes the stocks that received a Smart Score 1 (minimum score).

The portfolios are rebalanced every 90 market days and the performance includes 0,15% costs per transaction. The date of initial investment is January 1, 2017, and the cumulative performance corresponds to November 16, 2020. Our Smart Score rates stocks according to their probability of outperforming the market in 90 days.

AI Technology.

No “black boxes”. The alpha signals defining every stock score are transparent, offering easy to understand indicators that augment the stock picking process.


Predictive Stock Scores for Top USA and European stocks.
Available Through Our Stock Analytics Platform or Datasets.

Stock analytics platform, designed for investors and portfolio managers, with our predictive stock scores. It offers advanced features like portfolio watchlists, historical scores and explainable alpha signals for every score.

Datasets available for the Top 1,000 USA and Top 600 Europe stocks, that provide our predictive stock scores via API, FTP, cloud platforms and marketplace providers.

Danel Capital datasets are available through the above marketplaces and platforms.

CloudQuant Finds Impressive Alpha in our Predictive AI Stock Scores

A CloudQuant whitepaper demonstrated the capacity of our predictive AI stock scores to identify the most and least promising stocks in every market condition.

Probability of Beating the Market
by Smart Score.

graphics - detail

The higher the Danel Capital Smart Score, the higher the alpha success rate after 90 days.
The results show the probability of outperforming the market of 554 equally weighted portfolios of stocks after 90 market days. To compare the results, each of the portfolios included all the stocks with the same Smart Score (10 portfolios every day, one for each Smart Score).

¿Are you an expert in portfolio management?
¿An expert in stock analysis and selection?
Great! But there is too much data and too many events impacting stocks price.
You cannot humanly process and take advantage of such a huge amount of information.
You need Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics to augment your own intelligence and analysis.

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