Alpha Generation Data for Quants and Hedge Funds. Powered by AI.

Augment your stock selection process integrating our alternative data, powered by AI, in your workflow.

Our datasets offer predictive stock scores according to the probability of outperforming the market in the medium term, calculated by proprietary Machine Learning algorithms.

CloudQuant Finds Impressive Alpha in our Predictive AI Stock Scores

A CloudQuant whitepaper demonstrated the capacity of our predictive AI stock scores to identify the most and least promising stocks in every market condition.

AI-Powered Stock Analytics Datasets.
For the Top 1,000 USA and Top 600 Europe Universes.

Predictive Performance Scores.

Danel Capital alternative data consists of scores rating the probability of each stock of outperforming the market. Our proprietary Machine Learning algorithms calculate a predictive global score called Smart Score, using all the types of information available on the market. Moreover, to adapt to different asset management styles, specific scores are provided for Fundamental, Technical and Sentiment indicators.

Data Features.

  • Stocks with high scores can be useful to identify new opportunities for long positions.
  • Stocks with low scores can be useful to identify new opportunities for short positions.
  • Scores can be used to complement or validate your own analysis and research.
  • Scores can serve as a guide to identify stocks to include (high scores) or to avoid (low
    scores) in portfolio construction.
  • Low scores can serve as warning signs for risk mitigation in a portfolio.
  • In quantitative investment, scores can be used as an additional signal for investment models.

We also offer a stock analytics platform , providing advanced data analytics features.

To achieve this AI predictive scoring capability, our Machine Learning algorithms analyze more than 900 fundamental, technical and sentiment data points per day for every company.
In total, this amounts to 10,000 daily indicators analyzed per stock.

Probability of Outperforming the Market
by Smart Score.


The higher the Danel Capital Smart Score, the higher the alpha success rate after 90 days.
The results show the probability of outperforming the market of 554 equally weighted portfolios for each Smart Score (10 portfolios every day) after 90 market days. The distribution of Smart Scores among the S&P 500 and STOXX 600 companies follow a Gaussian function every day.

Customers can receive our datasets via different methods, including API, FTP, cloud platforms and marketplace providers.

Danel AI Score datasets are available through several marketplaces and platforms.

Data Analyzed to Calculate the Smart Score.


Daily data points
per stock.


Daily indicators
per stock.

+5 Billion

Indicators used
to learn.

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