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Augment your stock picking process with our stock analytics platform. Access unique insights and wisdom, with easy to understand alpha signals, thanks to our proprietary Machine Learning algorithms.

No AI or coding experience needed.

Stock Analytics AI Platform.
Pick the best stocks from Top 1,000 USA and Top 600 Europe universes.

Predictive Performance Scores.

Stock scores that rate the probability of outperforming the market.
Our proprietary Machine Learning algorithms calculate a predictive global score called Smart Score, using all the types of information available on the market for each stock. Moreover, to adapt to different asset management styles, specific scores are provided for Fundamental, Technical and Sentiment indicators.
Danel Capital is available for the Top 1,000 USA and Top 600 Europe investment universes.

To achieve this AI predictive scoring capability, our AI algorithms analyze more than 900 fundamental, technical and sentiment data points per day for every company. In total, 10,000 daily indicators are analyzed per stock.

Danel Smart Score Performance

For the above performance comparison, we built two different equally-weighted portfolios picking stocks from the Top 1,000 USA universe. One portfolio only includes the stocks that received a Smart Score 10 (maximum score) and the other only includes the stocks that received a Smart Score 1 (minimum score).

The portfolios are rebalanced every 90 market days and the performance includes 0,15% costs per transaction. The date of initial investment is January 1, 2017, and the cumulative performance corresponds to November 16, 2020. Our Smart Score rates stocks according to their probability of outperforming the market in 90 days.


Alpha Signals.

We use Explainable AI Technology, allowing you to understand the key data behind the scores and avoiding the “black box” effect. For each stock there is a report screen, where you can see in detail the main alpha signal indicators that are analyzed by our Machine Learning algorithms to calculate the Smart Score.

Portfolio Watchlists.

With the watchlist feature you can track the daily evolution of the scores of the Top 1,000 USA or Top 600 Europe companies in your portfolio. If you have several portfolios, you can create as many watchlists as needed.

Historical Scores.

You can easily track the historical evolution of the Smart Score or the separate Fundamental, Technical or Sentiment scores for every single stock. With an historic track of three months, you can check the stability of the scores of the stocks in your portfolio, to make more informed decisions.

ESG Score.

The newly integrated ESG score offers you a precise overview of the compliance of every company to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) guidelines.

The ESG score is relevant from a stock performance perspective, as it measures a company’s resilience to long-term, financially relevant ESG risks.

Low Risk Score.

The Low Risk score gives you valuable insights to complement the other scores when taking a stock selection decision.

It measures the downside risk based on the semi-deviation of the stock during the past 500 days. The higher the score, the lower the risk.

Why Danel Capital?

Data Analyzed to Calculate the Smart Score.


Daily data points
per stock.


Daily indicators
per stock.

+5 Billion

Indicators used
to learn.

Probability of Beating the Market
by Smart Score.

graphics - detail

The higher the Danel Capital Smart Score, the higher the alpha success rate after 90 days.
The results show the probability of outperforming the market of 554 equally weighted portfolios of stocks after 90 market days. To compare the results, each of the portfolios included all the stocks with the same Smart Score (10 portfolios every day, one for each Smart Score).

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